What Is Mindful Engagement?

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What Do You Need to Be Your Best Self in Your Work & Life?

A simple set of skills can have a radical impact on the most important aspects of your life

  • Emotional Intelligence

    Detect and relate to your own and others’ emotions more effectively, so relationships come naturally and business runs smoothly.

  • Engaged Action

    Avoid Burnout, Access Creativity & Participate Fully, so You Give the Best You Have to Offer and Feel Greater Satisfaction in the Process!

  • Goal Acheivement

    Stay Focused, Honor Your Priorities & Optimize Productivity, to Accomplish More, at a Higher Quality, in Less Time.

Your Trainer, Julianna Raye

Julianna Raye has been training individuals and groups for over 14 years. Currently, Julianna works with performance professionals, TV personalities, entrepreneurs engaged in personal growth, executives in sales and leadership and companies interested in enhancing the work environment and providing preventative health care through mindfulness meditation.

Numerous scientific studies have shown clear and wide ranging benefits of mindfulness including improved focus and productivity, strengthening the immune system, lowering stress and increased resilience and creativity. Using the system of Basic Mindfulness, which has been researched at Carnegie Mellon, U of Vermont and Harvard Medical Center (with breakthrough results), Julianna’s emphasis is on helping clients find those specific  strategies most relevant for their life and professional environment. A unique strength is it's design, allowing for seamless integration of meditative strategies into all the activities of your day. As an expert in the system, Julianna teaches you how to strategically implement practice in action, leading to accelerated growth, giving you a way to develop your skills when you’re on the go and providing you with invaluable tools for self empowerment. This frees you to optimally address any and all life challenges, stay on track with your objectives and find greater fulfillment from all the activities you enjoy in life. And multiple studies have shown how these benefits not only improve your life, they make for a better, healthier business. It just makes sense.

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Corporate Solutions

  • Improve Work Place Satisfaction
  • Heighten Emotional Intelligence
  • Preventative Healthcare
  • Increase Productivity
  • Address Issues at All Levels, Leaders to Contributors

Private Coaching

  • Lower Stress, Avoid Burnout
  • Heighten Creativity
  • Improve Relationships, Professional and Personal
  • Increase Focus and Clarity
  • Improve All Around Wellness, Physical and Emotional

How Do You Develop Mindful Engagement?

Here's What to Expect, from a 3 Hour Workshop, 8 Week Program, Ongoing Training or Other

  • Training

    Mindfulness develops a precise set of attentional skills to enhance mental, emotional and physical functioning. Each individual has specific windows of opportunities and walls preventing growth. An essential aspect of training is refining your skillfulness, through expert guidance. This is just like working with a personal trainer to change your body or a vocal coach to strengthen your voice, etc. In one on one training you can get laser focused on what techniques work best for you at any given time. In group settings guidance is followed by Q&A, an excellent way to clarify the process.

  • Strategizing

    Your daily schedule and personal challenges are assessed to create a custom integration of practice into the areas of your life where you need it most. For companies, workplace needs are honed in on through a discovery process. Relevant techniques address issues ranging from procrastination to productivity, conflict, burn out, overwhelm… Any and all aspects of your life can be improved with mindfulness training. But no other system offers the adaptability & precision to do that effectively, therefore very few mindfulness trainers understand exactly what strategies to implement when and how.

  • Concepts

    Mindfulness Practice can be subtle at first. You feel the results of your work clearly and directly more & more over time and with clear understand of how to practice, the results aren’t subtle. The advantage to Basic Mindfulness is it’s adaptability. You can literally have a customized training program for your interests, your daily routine and your challenges. In collaborating to do this, you need to learn some concepts. So part of the training involves understanding the relationship between the practice, the results and your life. Some of your biggest insights will come not while doing the training, but simply in discussing and clearly recognizing the nature of it’s positive impact in your life.

  • Results

    Mainstream research at major institutions shows numerous benefits to practice including heightened focus, productivity and creativity, increased empathy, an improved relationship to pain, better sleep cycle and sex drive, lower blood pressure, strengthened immune system, lower stress, reduced anxiety and depression, heightened empathy and more. Beyond the science are reports of an exponential increase in tranquility, emotional well being and energy as well as greater resilience. The problems that dragged you down in the past just don’t hook you like they used to. Life becomes a richer and richer experience and in that sense, mindfulness is age defying.

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See What People Are Saying About Julianna Raye

I love the tools that I am developing with this practice. I have greater clarity, more focus, and have also seen improvements in my physical performance as I prepare for Ironman. Working with Julianna is like having a personal trainer for your mind. I love the guided sessions and am in great admiration of the teaching and insight that Julianna imparts in the process. I’ve been profoundly impacted by how simple and accessible this is and how it has really helped me to grow and evolve and find some things I wasn’t even recognizing - it’s like turning a light on! I feel equipped in a way I’ve never been before.

John Kane
Head of Leadership Development, Vector Marketing

Julianna has been my mindfulness trainer for 5 years. She blends intelligence, sensitivity and humor in a way that leads me to insights and deepens my practice. Her guided meditations are deep and poetic. I am extremely grateful for the way she has enhanced my life.

Paul Rubell
Oscar Nominated Film Editor

As a transpersonal psychologist I look for programs like yours that aren't difficult for my clients to learn and practice. Your practice is perfect for anyone to deeply understand mindfulness meditation and apply it to their daily lives. You have made it simple and straightforward. I will recommend your program to anyone looking for peace, clarity and a meditation practice.

Dr. Meg Haworth
Transpersonal Psychologist

I have been doing one-on-one mindfulness training with Julianna on the phone, and her teaching and coaching is clear, focused, and effective. Julianna tailors guided mindfulness exercises and helps me make new breakthroughs in my own personal practice and life. I highly recommend her! As a researcher and neuroscientist studying mindfulness, I believe her coaching is cutting-edge and the best in the business.

J David Creswell
Leading Mindfulness Researcher & Neuroscientist, Carnegie Mellon

As a performer, learning mindfulness has been invaluable. Julianna is a great teacher of the most state of the art meditative techniques. Julianna's experience as a performer makes her uniquely qualified to teach me how to apply these techniques on stage.

James Valentine
Lead Guitarist, Maroon 5

Julianna is the real deal! She has an uncanny ability to meet me right where I am. As a 20 year seeker following leads that often led to more confusion than clarity, I'm happy to have found a level of personal support that I didn't even know was possible. I'm extremely grateful to have found her work.

Kevin Chitwood
Medical Dosemitrist

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